Tevlins 2007 Family Reunion at Laurel park in St. Peters, Mo. Thanks to Leo & Donna and everyone involved in making it happen!
Hello Tevlin visitors! I enjoyed talking with everyone by phone but I wish I could have been there today. It's looks like a great time was shared by all! Email pictures to add to this page to tevlins@yahoo.com AND keep an eye out for a new Tevlin Family web page and a "TevlinWorld" email discussion group! Pete Tevlin
Dad writes: Mother enjoyed being with everyone and visa-versa. Mark/Mary and Gwenn showed up with her two black dogs. Jack/Mary John/Mike; Ken/Mary Beth/and boy were there. JP Price showed. Mike/John Tevlin. Don/Ann; Tom/Patty Tevlin; Teresa/Coleen; Leo Joe/Donna/Laura and Leo's friend Ray doing the BBQ Pork Steaks. Leo & Donna's dog Snowball there too. Probably missed someone but tried to think of all who were present.

Thanks for tuning in!